Sunday, December 11, 2011

When people talk about the iPhone, it's always in superlatives - except when the talk turns to the camera.  The iPhone's camera may not be a world-class digital image maker, but with just a few of the photo and camera applications available in the iPhone App Store, you can really shake things up.
It's easy to improve the exposure of an image, alter the colors, make it antiqued or black and white, put a frame on it or just brighten it up a bit.  Stick a "thought bubble" in the shot or draw a moustache on your mother-in-law.  You can even change a run-of-the-mill picture into a work of modern art.
On the slideshow page, you can view my Flickr photostream.  I'll share some of my images and describe briefly how I altered them.  Just click an image that catches your eye to see the details. 

I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they inspire you to do a little experimenting with your own iPhone.

                                                                  Randy Fuller

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